As I continue my makeup photography journey I really wanted to work on my beauty retouching with this shoot that I organised for my own portfolio. I see so many images where the picture has been edited to the point of the skin looking like a ?waxwork? I wanted to understand how to do this keeping the skin looking real – pores and all. It is so important when you are photographing makeup. I wouldn?t want anything I do in post-production to take away from the makeup look, colour, and texture. I am so happy with the outcome? From a makeup artist and a photographer’s perspective! ?

When I took a photography workshop a few years back, I hoped to take decent behind the scenes shots for the students at my academy and of course pictures of my brides. My confidence grew with positive feedback from the students. I started working with natural light and then moved on to experimenting with different lighting and backdrop options. Due to social media and networking, I have been fortunate to work with lots of beautiful faces that are happy to model at the academy and also model for student’s portfolios. It’s great that my photography contributes to their modeling portfolios and that everyone benefits from the collaboration.

I’m glad that I can offer behind the scenes photos of my students in action and now I have a professional photoshoot experience.

To have a look at the 1-2-1 makeup photoshoot that we offer at the Lucy Jayne Makeup Academy click this link:

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