What is airbrush foundation?

what is airbrush foundation?

What is Airbrush Foundation? ?Airbrushing? can be Interpreted in many different ways. When I speak to my brides during their makeup consultation they say they want to look ?airbrushed?. I have come to understand what they mean is ?flawless? and to have skin like the brides on Pinterest or out of a magazine. I get […]

What skills does a makeup artist need to be successful?

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What skills does a makeup artist need? It is no secret that the work of a makeup artist is never likely to dry up. Whether it is working with clients who are heading to a big event or perhaps making over brides on their big day, there is always going to be someone out there […]

3 reasons why booking a Makeup Artist for your Wedding is important

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Booking a Makeup Artist for your Wedding Day Every bride wants to look their absolute best on their wedding day. Not only will every eye in the house be on you, but it will also be the most photographed you?ll ever be… Oh and you?ll also want to be at your most gorgeous when you […]