Post Covid-19 Working – A Makeup Artists help guide

covid-19 working

Post Covid-19 Working for Beauty Pro’s It goes without saying that recently life has changed considerably. We have gone from being able to move around freely, shop, see our friends and socialise, to not being able to do any of these things, or having to think about new ways to do these things. Plenty of […]

Makeup Photography Experience

makeup photography at the lucy jayne makeup academy

As I continue my makeup photography journey I really wanted to work on my beauty retouching with this shoot that I organised for my own portfolio. I see so many images where the picture has been edited to the point of the skin looking like a ?waxwork? I wanted to understand how to do this […]

What skills does a makeup artist need to be successful?

Bespoke makeup workshop Lucy Jayne Makeup Academy

What skills does a makeup artist need? It is no secret that the work of a makeup artist is never likely to dry up. Whether it is working with clients who are heading to a big event or perhaps making over brides on their big day, there is always going to be someone out there […]

How to go cruelty-free with your makeup

How to go cruelty-free with your makeup While makeup can help tie a fantastic look together, beauty should never come at a price. With one to two hundred thousand animals dying each year in order to test cosmetic products worldwide; being able to choose brands that don?t harm animals is more important than it has ever […]

How to choose the best makeup academy

festival makeup

Choosing the best makeup academy I?m looking to send my therapists on a make-up training course? What elements should I consider when choosing a makeup academy? There are a few things to consider when choosing a makeup academy. The first is if the courses are certified by an accredited training provider. This means that the […]