what is airbrush foundation?

What is airbrush foundation?

What is Airbrush Foundation? ?Airbrushing? can be Interpreted in many different ways. When I speak to my brides during their makeup consultation they say they want to look ?airbrushed?. I have come to understand what they mean is ?flawless? and to have skin like the brides on Pinterest or out of a magazine. I get where this idea comes from,…

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covid-19 working

Post Covid-19 Working – A Makeup Artists help guide

Post Covid-19 Working for Beauty Pro’s It goes without saying that recently life has changed considerably. We have gone from being able to move around freely, shop, see our friends and socialise, to not being able to do any of these things, or having to think about new ways to do these things. Plenty of industries and areas have been…

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