1-2-1 Ultimate Bridal Makeup Masterclass

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1-2-1 Ultimate Bridal Makeup Masterclass

1-2-1 Ultimate Bridal Makeup Course

Are you considering pursuing a career in makeup? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you! Our popular and fully accredited 4-day course is now available for booking at your convenience. What makes this course even better is its flexibility, allowing you to divide it over weeks or months, making it easy for you to fit into your schedule.

Your time with us will be invaluable as you receive exclusive tuition from our expert makeup artist, Lucy. She will work with you to ensure that your strengths are brought to light and that you’re able to create beautiful makeup looks. Our relaxed environment makes it super easy for you to learn and build on your skills comfortably, creating a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

The course is an intensive and fully accredited one that covers all essential makeup basics, including the application of different long-lasting bridal makeup techniques. Hence it’s a favourite for those wanting to start a career in makeup. Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity and jump-start your makeup career today!

Course description

This four-day 1-2-1 masterclass is an intensive course that will introduce you to the world of makeup, You will start by creating the perfect base and move on to apply classic, glamorous, and creative makeup styles to really hone your new makeup skills. Throughout the course, we will be referencing on-trend styles from the makeup industry and Lucy will be photographing your work to help build your portfolio. With assistance from Lucy Jayne, you will be able to apply a final makeup look of your choice.

The final half-day is an informal session where you can ask questions! We discuss how to set up your business as a makeup artist and what you need to promote your new skill. Lucy is an open book so ask anything you would like to know about the world of bridal makeup and working in the makeup industry

Course cost

£1,100.00 NEW LOWER PRICE £800

*£150 deposit to secure your place on the 1-2-1 Ultimate Bridal Makeup Course

ultimate bridal makeup masterclass
What The Course Covers


  • Hygiene
  • Product knowledge
  • Skin prep & analysis
  • Natural makeup application
  • Bridal makeup application
  • Glamorous makeup application
  • Lash application (individual lash & strip lash)
  • Adornment and glitter application
  • Makeup trends
  • Business & Social Media
  • Q & A session

Every makeup artist needs a great set of brushes, so if you have your own that’s great otherwise there is a set you can purchase for £43.99. All other makeup products and disposables will be supplied at the academy.

You will have the choice to order a makeup kit once you have started the course with no obligation to buy (there are some kit must-haves that you will be using on the course!) and you can purchase as much or as little as you would like. Lucy is happy to advise as it can be a bit of a mind-field. Other items you will need are a pen and a camera/phone to photograph your makeup. You will be provided with an information book, coursework, and refreshments. Lunch is not provided.

*Students will have models provided on the first three days and on the final day they are required to bring their own models – contact Lucy Jayne if this is an issue*

I have just completed the amazing Art of Bridal & Beauty course with Lucy… I honestly can't thank her enough for giving me the confidence I needed to start up on my own. I have learned so much…more than I ever expected to. Lucy is very friendly and so easy to talk to and you receive feedback every week along with the lovely photos she takes of your work which is a good starting point for your portfolio. The course was so much fun and the days went too fast for my liking. Thank you so much, Lucy!
1-2-1 student photoshoot
Build Your Portfolio


portfolio workshop

In addition to this course, a 1-2-1 portfolio photoshoot enables students with hands-on experience on a professional photoshoot and to create stunning beauty headshots. A well-presented portfolio is one of the most vital tools you will have to showcase your talent, so why not hit the ground running?…

If you will like to be part of the portfolio photoshoot you will get edited beauty portrait shots and behind-the-scenes shots of you working your makeup magic!! Lucy Jayne will be on hand to assist you in creating your looks and also offering to style and help design the perfect bridal beauty shots to showcase your work.

*Additional costs apply please fill out the contact form to register interest.

£100 If booking the Ultimate Bridal Makeup Course, a normal photoshoot cost £150.